twisted monkey yoga pose 1

In my record of prime 5 yoga poses for athletes is Twisted Monkey.

The advantages positively out manner the excessive probability that your hamstring will cramp whenever you first attempt to get into this pose. That simply means your hip flexors are too tight and it’s your physique telling you do one thing about it.

So ease into the stretch and use a strap or band.

Muscle mass Stretched





Alignment and Execution Ideas

Step your proper foot ahead and to the proper of your hip.

Bend your again knee and seize your foot along with your proper hand.

**In case your hamstring cramps or you may’t simply seize the foot, use a band or strap across the ankle.

Permit your foot to fall into your hand to calm down the hamstring.

Draw your heel in in the direction of your butt to deepen the stretch.

Maintain for as much as two minutes after which change sides.


Particularly targets the hip flexors and inside groin for deeper squats and full extension in lifts.

WOD Actions

Sit Ups (GHD, V-ups, Toes to Bar)

Field Jumps